Security Guard Resume Example [Guide]

Write a security guard resume with our free downloadable sample. Use our security guard resume writing tips to tailor it to your unique skills.
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Security Guard Resume Example [Guide]

Skilled security guards are in high demand. The following guide will help you write a security guard resume that highlights your experience and qualifications. 

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Security guard resume (text format you can copy)

James Hansson

Security guard with 12+ years of experience

4965 Alpaca Way

90706 Bellflower, CA


Professional Security Officer with 12+ years of experience in commercial security. Eager to apply my strong observation skills to increase the sense of security and decrease the risk of shoplifting at Bellflower Plaza.

Security guard experience

Head Security Officer (armed), Stonewood Center and residential

2018 - Currently working here

  • Greet all residents, visitors, and customers with a kind and friendly attitude
  • Check identification when necessary
  • Guide and accompany visitors to their destination when needed
  • Patrol area to ensure it’s safe and free of dangers
  • Provide residents, visitors, and customers with assistance regarding safety concerns or questions
  • Document and report any incidents to staff manager
  • Observe activities via surveillance cameras both inside and outside of premises

Armed Security Officer, Wells Fargo Bank

2014 - 2017

  • Inspected and adjusted security systems and equipment to ensure operational use and discover evidence of tampering 
  • Trained new security personnel to make sure they lived up to standard security procedures
  • Communicated daily reports directly to the CEO
  • Maintained a daily log of irregularities such as presence of unauthorized or suspicious persons or unusual occurrences
  • Operated and monitored 3 surveillance cameras 

Unarmed Mall Security Guard, Los Cerrito Center

2008 - 2014

  • Opened common area to the public in the morning and greeted customers and employees
  • Informed and warned visitors of rule violations, such as smoking and loitering
  • Called police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire, or presence of suspicious persons or objects
  • Operated over 80 surveillance cameras to monitor interior and exterior public areas

Licenses and certifications

  • Firearm Safety Certificate since 2008
  • California State Driver’s license since 2002
  • Taekwondo black belt since 2002
  • CPR certification, American Red Cross since 2007

Professional skills

  • Clear communication (written and verbal)
  • Problem solving
  • Customer service
  • Flexible


High School Diploma - Bellflower High School, Bellflower






Facts about this security guard resume sample

  • James has used our Simple resume template to create his security guard resume
  • He uses a reverse-chronological format to highlight his relevant experiences

James succeeds in showing his potential new employer that he has more than 12 years of relevant experience as a security guard. He makes sure to highlight this by customizing the headline from Employment history to Security guard experience. 

One thing you’ll probably notice is he has downplayed his education section by placing it in the bottom half of his resume. Instead he has added a custom section right after his experience section and named it Licenses/certifications. 

The reason for this is that while education is important, for a security guard it’s more important to show the relevant licenses and certifications. James knows this so he makes sure to place it close to his relevant professional experience. 

Tips for writing your own security guard resume

When you’re looking for your next job as a security guard, or security officer, it’s important to approach your job search in a professional manner. That means creating a professional looking resume and using the right power words. In the security guard resume example we have used a male security guard but the resume sample can of course be used by both men and women alike. 

Tip #1 for your security guard resume - highlights

Take extra care to make sure you highlight your licenses and certificates. These elements are very important and should be placed in the top third of your resume. Ideally, you can add them to your summary (profile) where you’re sure they’ll be noticed. 

Remember, recruiters will be looking for these specific words so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out. 

Tip #2 for your security guard resume - be specific

When you describe your work history and professional experience it’s important to be specific. To get the most out of this section you need to provide details. One way you as a security guard can do this is by telling the hiring manager the types of tasks and assignments you have been performing. If possible, quantify your results. 

Tip #3 for your security guard resume - additional skills

Adding your skills to your resume is extremely important. Usually we distinguish between soft skills and hard skills. Where hard skills are the skills we learn through education and experience, soft skills (or interpersonal skills) are not easily taught. As a security guard there are certain skills you need to possess: 


To be able to stay vigilant and alert despite long periods without any incidents.

Observation skills

The ability to watch and observe areas without getting distracted.

Physical skills

Being physically fit and able to defend yourself if need be.

Judgment skills

To be able to quickly evaluate a potentially volatile situation and determine the best course of action

Reporting skills

To be able to give a full objective report of events both written and in person.

If you have any of these skills, make sure you add them in the skills section of your resume. 

Power words for your security guard resume

It’s important that you use the right power words for your resume. Not only will this make you appear more competent and professional. It will also help you pass the applicant tracking systems and it will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Below is a list of great words to add to your resume. Go through the job ad and if any of the words appear there, make sure to use them in both your resume and cover letter.

  • Alertness
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Dependable
  • Emotional control
  • Follow instructions
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Leader
  • Monitored
  • Objectivity
  • Physical fitness
  • Professional
  • Problem solving
  • Surveyed

Key take aways

When you write your security guard resume, there are some key elements to take extra care of. These are: 

  • Your employment history, licenses and certifications, and skills
  • The resume format - we recommend the reverse-chronological format
  • Using the right action verbs and power words 

Ready to create your own resume? 


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