What are the benefits of Jofibo's online resume builder?

You'll save time and money by not having to create your resumes from scratch

You'll be rid of boring standardized templates

Perfect symbiosis between resume, CV, and cover letter

You'll stand out from the competition with a professional resume

A job search period has an average duration of 5-6 months. As a member at Jofibo you'll have all of your resumes, CVs and cover letters in one place. This means you'll never have to struggle with unstructured Word documents or folders on your computer.

As a Premium member your membership includes the following:

  • Full access to our resume and cover letter builder
  • Resume up to 4 pages
  • Share your resume or CV as a link
  • Color themes with 16.7 million combinations
  • 10 fonts to choose from
  • Create an unlimited amount of resumes
  • Create an unlimited amount of cover letters
  • Unlimited downloads of resumes
  • Unlimited downloads of cover letters
  • 1-click copy of resumes and cover letters
  • Download as PDF and TXT

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our Premium benefits are available for you to try as a freemium member. It is your assurance that you can test our product before you use any payment method and upgrade to a premium plan.

Yes! All information is stored securely in your account. After your premium period expires you can still access your documents and if you want to download some of them again, you just renew your membership.

We have no hidden costs. Once you have selected a Premium period, you will see the total amount charged before entering any payment information.

Yes, all transactions are 100% secure. We use Stripe.com as a payment gateway and they have the highest level of security available.