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All resume templates are designed to fit your data and experience in the best possible way.
You can customize the resume templates to any format you want: reverse-chronological, functional, or combination.

Why use a resume builder?

You don't need any technical skills, it's easy and fast. You'll get more interviews with a professional, readable and attractive resume layout, which also makes a good first impression. Our resume builder cleanly formats your resume to ensure you don't get rejected by a system or a recruiter.

Jofibo - Most simple and intuitive free resume builder

Simple and user friendly

There's no learning curve. Our software engineers made a simple user friendly resume builder. No flicking between previews and data inputs. We guide you through the resume builder in a structured way, to ensure that you get the resume that you deserve. Just start building.

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Jofibo - Easy customization

Easy customization

Just click, drag or add. Other options such as font style, font size and line height ensures that you can customize and fit in the details you wish. Our tool is able to analyze your information, and sort the sections without breaking the composition of the flow, top to bottom.

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Jofibo - Resume and Cover Letter Builder

Resume and cover letter builder

Jofibo is an easy-to-use resume builder where you can create both a resume and a cover letter. In just a few simple steps you can create a matching cover letter, keeping your professional documents aligned, which will help you stand out.

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Jofibo - Easy customization

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With a few clicks you’re inside and on your way towards a better resume. You can try all features for free and create your first resume. Only if you want to download your documents you'll be asked to upgrade your account to a paid account. We believe it's your right to try out various products before you decide what is your best investment for your future career.

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Frequently asked questions

There are six basic sections that every resume should include: Your contact information, your profile text tailored to the job you seek, work experience, education, and professional skills. However, keep in mind that depending on your work industry, you may need to include additional sections. For example, a plumber should include a section about their licenses and certifications—which you can add easily.

No jobs are exactly the same. If you apply for two job positions with the same title, it's very likely that each company highlights different skills, which suit their profile. We recommend that you tailor your resume with your cover letter to each job position in order to address the specific requirements. Most of your basic information is reusable for each resume, but a great profile text which is tailored to the job you seek gets you a long way. It shows you really thought about how you fit into their company.

Yes! All our resume templates comes with matching cover letters.

You can choose to download as either PDF or as TXT. The PDF format ensures a presentable and safe document that also appears professional across all devices. As an extra benefit we've ensured that you can download as TXT as well if you encounter any older application systems during your job hunt.