Cover Letters That Stand Out in 2024 [6+ Examples]

No more writing fears! Learn how to write a professional cover letter by using our examples. A great cover letter is vital to land that next job interview.
1/8/2024 10 min reading time Karin Lykke Nielsen Karin Lykke Nielsen
Cover Letters That Stand Out in 2024 [6+ Examples]

Cover Letter Examples That Helps You Get Hired

Picture this:

You've found the perfect job, hit the "apply" button, and started the writing process with your engines revved and roaring to go.

But wait! Slam the brakes!

They want a cover letter first. Oh no. Have no fear - help is near!

We'll show you some great examples, to overcome you're writing fears, because that's what you are here for, right?

We love examples. It’s so much easier to follow a recipe, build an IKEA bookcase, or even write a cover letter when you know what the end product should look like.

All our cover letter examples are carefully crafted to match real job listings found around the web, and you can even go check out the accompanying resume examples over here as well.

All right, so, what is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one page document, which you attach to your resume. When applying for a job, it is usually required to apply with both a resume and a cover letter. Thus, the cover letter cannot stand alone.

Your cover letter should complement and reflect your resume. In a cover letter you have an opportunity to craft a narrative that aligns you not only with the position you’re applying for but also the company you’re applying to.

It helps you explain your value proposition, stand out from the crowd, and create the connection between you and the company. Basically, why you’re a great fit for each other.

It’s crucial that you tailor each cover letter to every job listing you’re applying to. Do not be generic and just send the same copy over and over again. Each company values different skills, experiences and responsibilities. You’ll want to show exactly how you fit in, and that you are the best candidate around.

Sounds easy eh? Well, for some. But if you need that tiny bit of inspiration to get going, look no further.

What do I include in a cover letter?

Start by dividing your cover letter into a few sections.

The purpose of this is to make it comfortable and easily understable for the reader. The goal is to make them remember what you’re actually trying to tell them and how the company you are applying to can benefit from hiring you.

Imagine you have a piece of paper in front of you, then here's a quick go-to build:

  • Cover letter header
    • Name, phone, address, date
    • The hiring manager’s name and the company you are applying to
  • Proper greeting
    • Ie. Dear Melanie
  • First paragraph
    • Opening lines where you intend to hook the reader
  • Second paragraph
    • Why you are a great fit for the company
  • Third paragraph
    • Why the company is a great fit for you
  • Short closing with a formal thank you
    • Make yourself available to any further discussions and say thank you for their time

Good, now you are familiar with the overall concept of a cover letter and the format, so let's see it put to use and land you a job interview.


#1 - Internship Cover Letter Example

Internship Cover Letter Example

Eventhough our Intern shows hes got decent experience already, you usually don't need a lot. The most important factor here is motivation.

What are you motivated about, and does that fit the role?

In our Internship cover letter example the motivational emphasis lies on the thrill and excitement of building products at scale. The applying intern describes it as addictive. Who doesn't find that intriguing?

#2 - Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

Let's be honest, you probably don't need to write a cover letter if you are applying for a job as a marketing manager. This role is often headhuntet or hired through the individuals network. Although, we have seen a few listings around the web, and even had some user's create their resume and cover letter with our templates.

The creative space is always fun, did you notice how this marketing manager connected the dots from the opening paragraph and the closing line?

No matter what industry you're in, attention grapping lines are always a good thing. But don't overdue it!

#3 - Cashier Cover Letter Example

Cashier Cover Letter Example

As a cashier, you are the frontline personal of the store. This cashier told the reader right away, that she is a smiling, easy going and an enthusiastic individual. Sounds like the perfect type of person for this role?

Further she provides quantifiable examples of her achievements and experiences, which are all great selling points.

Lastly she even dares the reader to contact her former employers, to build an even greater case for herself. If you emphasize some of your core skills like this, you better be worthwhile.

#4 - Content Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

Content Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

A content marketing manager is a word smith. Writing comes naturally to you, and you use it everyday, both on and off your work.

Right out of the gates she hooks the reader and start blending achieved results with the insinuation of improving the companys brand. It oozes of self confidence and makes a strong case for an interview, since a content marketing manager's greatest performance indicators would be; how many reads did my blog post have? how many shares did it get? what's the total reach and how many new engagements?

We would take her in for an interview.

#5 - Sales Associate Cover Letter Example

Sales Associate Cover Letter Example

This sales associate takes a more polite approach. Well, we can't blame her, since being polite and out going are core skills of a sales associate. As most jobs in the sales industry focus on results, it's a good approach to tell about your key quantifiable results, Laura does it wonderfully as she bullets her 3 most key performance indicators and achievements.

#6 - Nursing Cover Letter Example

Nursing Cover Letter Example

This clinical nurse is very good at making sure her interpersonal skills and motivation for applying to the position is very clear. She also makes sure that there's no doubt about her professional qualifications. 

And check out our blog if you want to know more about utilizing ChatGPT and AI for your cover letters.

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