Cashier Resume Sample & Template [2024 Guide]

Not sure how to write your cashier resume? No problem! Get more interviews with our example and comprehensive writing tips, which includes bonus action adverbs
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Cashier Resume Sample & Template [2024 Guide]

The following cashier resume example and guide will provide you with valuable tips to help you write a resume that best highlights your experiences and qualifications. Further, we provide you with a few bonus tips in the end so be sure to check it all out!

Read on to learn more and get inspired.

How to write a Cashier resume

  • Start your Cashier resume with a concise resume summary
  • Focus on quantifying your achievements, not just sales duties
  • Match your professional skills list with the skills required in the job description
  • Only add relevant information to your bullets in your employment history
  • Always personalize every resume you send. Tailor the contents of your resume to the requirements of the job description

Let's start by looking at an example of a Cashier resume with 9 years of experience.

Cashier Resume Example using our Modern Resume Template


Cashier Resume Example


Cashier resume sample you can copy and use

Sara Craft
Smiling, easy going, and enthusiastic cashier


2972 Science Center Drive, 83705, Boise, Idaho
Tel 208-573-5956 -


Self motivated and helpful cashier with over 9 years of experience in providing excellent customer service, maintaining inventory and handling daily accounts. Proactively using my knowledge and expertise to effectively fill the cashier role in your store.

Known for my for strong work ethics and ability to process many ongoing tasks while always maintaining a calm presence and ability to prioritize well under pressure.

Very dependable and trustworthy with multiple employee of the month awards.

Employment History

Cashier at Kmart, Boise, Idaho

Sep 2013 - currently employed

  • Operate POS cash register, handling 110 transactions on average daily
  • Implemented and developed a new customer service strategy, which increased customer satisfaction with 13% in 8 months
  • Open and close the registers and count money in cash drawers to ensure the amount is correct
  • Monitoring cash limits and ensuring unbiased quality customer service at all times
  • Oversaw and assisted training of three additional cashiers to manage extended store hours

Cashier at 7-Eleven, Boise, Idaho

Sep 2010 - Aug 2013

  • Responsible for the sale and rewards of lottery tickets and other similar products
  • Maintain thorough knowledge of store merchandise, and responsible for selling in store credit cards and SIM cards
  • Responsible for solving customer complaints and providing information regarding products
  • Assist with product display and pricing to increase visibility and sales of particular products during a campaign period
  • Calculate total payments received and refunds issued during a time period, and reconcile this with total sales


BSc in Economics at Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Aug 2007 - Aug 2010

  • Graduated with High Honors in mathematics

High School Diploma at Boise High School, Boise, Idaho

Aug 2002 - Jun 2007

  • Completing over 250 hours of real work experience as a Junior Business Administrator for the administration of the High School

Professional skills

Time management
Problem solving
Excellent communication skills
POS and computer savvy


Certified Client Service Professional (CCSP)

Drivers License


Employee of the month, Kmart
December 2018

Employee of the month, Kmart
March 2018

Top average revenue per transaction award, Kmart
January, March, July and December 2018





Facts about this Cashier resume:

  • Candidate is applying for a Cashier managerial role
  • Candidate uses the reverse-chronological format
  • Candidate has over 9+ years of experience
  • Candidate mentions having assisted training of three new employees (always a strong resume builder)


A great way to start is to be sure to reference keywords from the job description and highlight any skills, awards, and certifications in the resume summary, that match with the job listing requirements.

It is crucial that you provide a thorough and professional approach to your resume. We made an easily digestive guide for you to keep you on your toes while creating the simple, yet effective and professional resume.

A correctly formatted and professional resume is as important as ever.


4 writing tips and advice to help you construct a cashier resume

#1 - A powerful and concise profile resume summary will make the recruiter want to look further

Starting a resume on the right foot is important. Think of it as an advertisement for yourself. This is where you tell the reader who you are to make the employer or recruiter want to look further. 


  • Be concise in your profile summary. Focus on a few key competences and skills you have that will fit the job and is part of the job description.


  • Use interposed phrases. The reader doesn't care about fillers. The purpose is to tell the reader exactly how you fit the role and make the reader want to read on. Don't bore them!

Example from above:

"Self motivated and helpful cashier with over 9 years of experience in providing excellent customer service, maintaining inventory and handling daily accounts. Proactively using my knowledge and expertise to effectively fill the cashier role in your store."

Very concise way of embedding important skills. Including common skills like, helpful,  excellent customer service and maintaining inventory, provides you with a great way to start on the description, making you able to build it further.

A great way to get feedback about your overall profile is by asking people from your network about the value which you bring. You might be surprised how they respond. We made a guide about networking and how to stay on top of this game, don't miss these valuable tips.

And don’t forget about your social presence either. Your LinkedIn profile and summary are essential for when the recruiter looks you up online.

#2 - Quantify some of your achievements or duties

It is a good idea to list a few measurable achievements under your Employment History, such as; 

  • Operate POS cash register, handling 110 transactions on average daily
  • Implemented and developed a new customer service strategy, which increased customer satisfaction with 13% in 8 months

By highlighting measurable achievements, it goes to show that with your abilities you are able to deliver results. It sends a clear message to the employer or recruiter about your abilities and work ethics.

#3 - List or highlight your awards and certifications on your Cashier resume

If you received any awards make sure you either list them or highlight them somehow, as they are great selling points, and are part of telling your story to the reader.

Use personal awards like, employee of the month or top average revenue per transaction awards to your advantage. They mean something to you, they make you proud of yourself. Use it in your resume, as they are achievements related directly to your hard work as a cashier.

Lastly, do not forget any certificates you may have. Common certificates such as CCSP (certified client service professional) or the like might be able to help persuade a future employer selecting you.

#4 - Focus your skills around time management, customer care and problem solving

The ability to manage time and provide great customer care is a core function of an cashier. This is what every employer would demand from you. Emphasizing those abilities will make the employer or recruiter aware that you understand this.

The ability to provide the customers with great care and support is one thing, solving their problems is another. Understanding their problem or needs, and solving it with the customer in mind, will show your attitude towards the work you do, and what you represent as a cashier.

Pro tip: Learn more about how to build your skills into your resume. In our article we cover soft and hard skills from A to Z.

#Bonus - Key action adverbs to use in your Cashier resume

By using action verbs you can add clarity, depth, and distinction to your resume. Action verbs make great openers for experience bullet points and can also be utilized on cover letters to target them to specific positions.

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Computer skills
  • Customer service
  • Dependability
  • Dispute resolution
  • Efficiency
  • Empathic
  • Flexibility
  • Helpful
  • Loss prevention techniques
  • Mathematical skills
  • Memorization
  • Multitasking
  • Point of Sale Systems (POS)
  • Positive attitude
  • Product knowledge
  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility
  • Sales skills
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Work ethic

Pro tip: If you want to know more about using power words and action verbs like these in your resume, check out How To Use Power Words In Your Resume.


It was a pleasure to provide you with some tips and advice about writing a Cashier resume.

Are you ready to create your resume? Use our simple resume builder and put to use what you just learned.

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