7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Resume

Stand out from the crowd with a professional resume. An unpolished resume will never get a second look from a hiring manager.
1/24/2020 5 min reading time Karin Lykke Nielsen Karin Lykke Nielsen
7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Resume

Have you ever had to create a resume from scratch? It can be exhausting. Not to mention trying to make it look nice as well.

If you’re not an IT wizard or a graphic designer it can be difficult (to say the least) to create a compelling and professional looking resume that will land you a job interview. So it can be tempting to just create a Word file and send it. But stop thinking like that, because it’s crucial for your prospects of getting a job that you stand out from the crowd and we have the solution.

Read on to get our seven absolutely best reasons why you need a professional resume.

Reason for a professional resume #1: It will make you stand out from the crowd

Have you ever had to read through (literally) hundreds of CVs, resumes, and cover letters? No? Well, that’s the hard reality for many recruiters out there.

Now imagine that maybe 80% of those resumes look almost identical and generic. Yawn, right? So here’s your chance to shine. With a professional resume you will stand out from the crowd and be recognised for your accomplishments.

Reason for a professional resume #2: You come off as a competent person

Everybody wants to look competent in the eyes of their peers. But what’s even more important is to look competent in the eyes of the person who holds all the power - the recruiter. The first contact you have with the recruiter is your resume. It’s crucial that you come off as a competent person already at first glance. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, your resume will help you achieve this.

A professionally built and formatted resume will make you look competent and will show that you’ve got this, no matter what line of business you’re in.

Reason for a professional resume #3: A professional resume is easier to read

As mentioned already, the recruiter reads a lot of resumes in a day.

In fact, the word “reads” is a bit of an overstatement. Most recruiters only have time to do a quick scan of each resume and so you risk not being noticed if your resume is difficult to read.

With a resume that is easy to look at and easy to decode, you save the recruiter’s time and she will soon see if you are a match for the company. If you want to make sure your resume truly stands out from the crowd, sprinkle some power words onto it.

Reason for a professional resume #4: The more visually appealing, the higher are your chances

While a lot of companies have started to use programmes that can “scan” the resumes from potential employees, eventually there will be real life human eyes on your resume. And what do humans value above all else? Entertainment!

What you definitely want to avoid from your recruiter is a yawn. A resume definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

In fact, it is probably the most important piece of document you are ever going to write about yourself, so why not make it both visually appealing as well as thorough.

Reason for a professional resume #5: It will still look good in hard copy

Have you ever tried making a text from a text editing tool like Word look nice? And then tried to print it only to discover why people say printers are the appliance from hell? It’s happened more than once that something goes wrong in the printing process.

The document looks all nice and shiny on the screen but in hard copy, not so much. And guess what recruiters love? That’s right - hard copies.

When they’ve selected their favorites among all the outstanding resumes it’s time for the hard copy. And wouldn’t it be a shame that after all your hard work of writing and styling it turns out to look horrible when printed? A professional resume like the ones that come out of our resume builder will always be formatted so that it won’t change a bit when it’s printed.

Reason for a professional resume #6: Your resume is a marketing tool

When you are unemployed and looking for a job, it’s time to pull out the heavy guns. And this is where your resume comes into play. When searching for your next job, your most valuable asset is… you guessed it. It’s you. And the best tool you have to get your foot through the door and into the recruiter’s office is? That’s right - your resume. A professional resume will open those doors for you. The rest is up to you.

Reason for a professional resume #7: Don’t just tell it - show it

A resume should look professional, but professional and fun aren’t mutually exclusive. With the right resume template your skills and degrees will come off stronger and you really show the recruiter exactly what you’re capable of.

Done are the days when a simple Word document was enough. Recruiters nowadays expect a little more “umpph” from resumes. Attention-grabbing details will get you everywhere. Even statistics back this up. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 resumes are discarded after only a 10 second glance. Scary, right?

Luckily, a beautifully formatted and well written resume will get you a (very) long way.

There are endless reasons why it’s a good idea to get yourself a professional resume

Okay, let’s wrap things up here. There are endless reasons why it’s a good idea to get yourself a professional resume. And with our resume builder it is easier than ever to achieve. 

If you need inspiration for your next resume, check out our resume examples to help you build a job winning resume.

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