How to Use Chat GPT for Your Resume

Learn how you can use Chat GPT and AI for your resume and make the most of your job search.
5/31/2023 5 min reading time Karin Lykke Nielsen Karin Lykke Nielsen
How to Use Chat GPT for Your Resume

The emergence of Chat GPT in the digital world has already brought about an interesting development. More and more people are realizing how they can use Chat GPT as a tool to write compelling cover letters for their job search. But this tool can also be used to enhance your resume. In this article, I will delve deeper into how you can use Chat GPT for your resume in 4 specific ways.

Before you start using Chat GPT for your resume, it's important to understand what the tool is and how it works.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an AI-powered chatbot. The letters GPT stand for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer," which essentially means that the chatbot is trained to understand and articulate in human language. All you need to do is provide an input or prompt to the robot, and it responds in the same context. The more context you provide to Chat GPT, the better the outcome.

Chat GPT is significantly different and more advanced than other artificial intelligences we have seen so far. And the best part? It's free to use, which you, as a job seeker, should definitely take advantage of.

How do I get started with using Chat GPT for my resume?

Getting started with Chat GPT is easy:

  • Go to
  • Click on the "Sign up" button.
  • Enter your email address and create a password.
  • Follow the instructions to complete your account.

Once you've done this, you're ready to start using Chat GPT for your job search.

How can I use Chat GPT for my resume?

First and foremost, it's important to understand that Chat GPT unfortunately cannot write your entire resume for you. However, the tool can still be an invaluable aid in your job search process. By using Chat GPT to effectively and persuasively communicate your experiences and qualifications, you can increase your chances of impressing potential employers and landing your dream job. So even though you still have to put in significant effort to write your resume, Chat GPT can give you that extra edge that sets you apart from the crowd.

Tips for your prompts to Chat GPT

The best way to use Chat GPT for your resume is to see it as a kind of sparring partner that provides you with fresh ideas for your content. However, in the end, you are responsible for your resume and its content.

When seeking assistance from the chatbot, provide it with some inputs, which we call prompts. The results from Chat GPT depend directly on the prompts you give the tool. Therefore, it's important to:

  • Be as detailed and specific as possible.
  • Provide context to your prompts by explaining a bit about your professional experiences.
  • Ask follow-up questions when necessary.

A good way to structure your prompts is by using a "Behave like..." formulation. This gives context and concrete information.

Remember, you can always ask Chat GPT to regenerate the text. This way, you'll get different versions of your text, from which you can select elements.

Here are 4 specific ways you can use Chat GPT for your resume

We'll start with an ordinary resume structured in reverse chronological order. This means that the resume contains the following elements:

  1. An introductory profile text
  2. Your work experiences, with the most recent experience on top
  3. Your skills
  4. Your education
  5. Other relevant sections

I assume that you have a resume to work from. If not, you can use our resume templates.

1. Use Chat GPT to write the profile text for your resume

It can be challenging to write a compelling profile text for your resume. You have limited space, but it still needs to hit the spot, avoid clichés, and grab the attention of the hiring manager. Chat GPT can be a helpful tool in this regard. Try using this prompt:

"Behave like a job applicant who needs to write a profile for their resume. The resume is for a marketing manager seeking a position at a major marketing agency. The applicant has 8 years of experience, and the required skills to include are: campaign planning, marketing automation, and email marketing. The profile text should be a maximum of 50 words."

The result from this prompt was:

First draft of a profile text for a resume created with Chat GPT

This profile text is too generic, so I'm giving the AI more details to work with. I'm adding job responsibilities and requirements to provide additional context and make the text more targeted.

New prompt:

"Rewrite the text taking into account the following job responsibilities and requirements:





Here is the result:

Second draft of a profile text for a resume created with Chat GPT with more details

Now it's starting to look like something I can use. I can now use this text as a starting point and edit it to fit me and my profile exactly. 

But remember, you shouldn't just copy the text. Instead, take the elements you like best and compose a profile text that fits you perfectly.

2. Let Chat GPT suggest bullet points for your resume

The next obvious place to use Chat GPT for your resume is in your work experiences. It's always a good idea to describe your previous experiences with effective bullet points that summarize the results of your work. Let's see how you can use Chat GPT to improve your work experiences.

Try the following prompt:

"Behave like a job applicant seeking a marketing manager position. Rewrite these bullets to make them more compelling for the employer:

  • Increased company's online traffic by 30% through planning and executing digital campaigns.
  • Improved conversion rate for email marketing campaigns by 20% through targeted segmentation and content optimization.
  • Increased sales by 15% through the development and implementation of a targeted influencer marketing campaign.
  • Achieved a 4:1 ROI on a paid advertising campaign on Facebook."

Result from Chat GPT:

  • "By planning and executing digital campaigns, I increased the company's online traffic by 30%. I utilized my expertise in digital marketing to improve the company's online visibility and enhance its presence on social media.
  • I achieved a 20% improvement in conversion rate for email marketing campaigns by segmenting the target audience and optimizing the content. By focusing on the right topics and tailoring the content to the audience, I increased the effectiveness of email marketing and achieved better results.
  • I increased sales by 15% through an influencer marketing campaign that I developed and implemented. I identified the right influencers and collaborated with them to promote the company's products and create greater engagement with the target audience.
  • I achieved a 4:1 ROI on a paid advertising campaign on Facebook. By leveraging advanced targeting options and adjusting the campaign along the way, I maximized the return on our investment and delivered positive results for the company."

The description of the experience now includes more details and substance. Your task now is to ensure that all the details align with reality so that you don't submit a resume with incorrect information.

3. Chat GPT can translate your resume into another language

If you have a completed resume and need a version in another language, you can use Chat GPT to translate it for you, saving you from translating each sentence yourself.

You can use this prompt to translate your resume:

"I'm inserting a text below. Translate the original text into [language] while ensuring compliance with all grammatical rules, including punctuation. The translation should sound perfect to a [language]-speaking reader.

  • Maintain the formatting, spacing, and capitalization of each word.
  • The text should retain the same meaning but can be creatively adapted. Make the text as readable as possible. The text will be read by professionals.
  • Attempt to maintain the tone of the text as much as possible.

Here is the text to be translated:

[Your resume]"

All you need to do now is review your translated resume and ensure that all the facts align with reality.

4. Chat GPT can indicate what to focus on in your resume based on the job posting

You know that a resume should always be tailored to the specific position you're applying for, but it can be challenging to know exactly where to focus. Chat GPT can help you with that.

Try using this prompt:

"I'm providing a job description below. Analyze the job description and suggest which skills the candidate should focus on in their resume.

Here is the job description for the position:

[Job description]"

Based on this prompt, you will receive a list of what you should focus on in your resume. Here is an example:

List of what to focus on in a resume created with Chat GPT

Now you can create your resume focused on these skills and qualifications.

Conclusion and takeaways

Chat GPT can be used in various ways in your job search process, and there are even more ways than we've described here. In reality, the only limit is your imagination with a tool like this.

The most important lesson is that you should never let the chatbot write your resume for you. Instead, use the tool for inspiration and optimizing your existing resume. Think of it as a fresh set of eyes, a partner you can always ask for advice. Also, consider using AI and ChatGPT to help you prepare for a job interview when the time comes.

Are you ready to start writing a resume yourself? Click the button below and go directly to our resume templates.

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