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Learn About Cover Letters

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a one page document, that contains additional information about you. It should be tailored to a specific job listing that you are applying for. The letter is directly addressed to the recruiter or hiring manager of that job listing.

When applying for a job, it is usually required to apply with both a resume and a cover letter. Thus, the cover letter cannot stand alone.

The cover letter itself and its content has to contain details about your overall professional qualifications and experiences that best fit the job listing.

What do I include in a cover letter?

You can divide a cover letter into a few sections. The purpose of this is to make it comfortable and easily understable for the reader. The goal is to make them remember what you’re actually trying to tell them and how the company you are applying to can benefit from hiring you.

Here's a quick go-to build:

  • Cover letter header

    • Name, phone, address, date

    • The hiring manager’s name and the company you are applying to

  • Proper greeting

    • Ie. Dear Melanie

  • First paragraph

    • Opening lines where you intend to hook the reader

  • Second paragraph

    • Why you are a great fit for the company

  • Third paragraph

    • Why the company is a great fit for you

  • Short closing with a formal thank you

    • Make yourself available to any further discussions and say thank you for their time

What do I write in a cover letter?

The content of the cover letter depends on the job listing. A good strategy is to pick out the relevant skills and requirements that the company is looking for through the job listing, and ultimately build your case around it and show with action verbs how you fit into them.

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How long should a cover letter be?

A cover letter should be short, but explanatory and concise. To be more specific, keep it around 300 words at maximum, and always just at one page. Truth is that most recruiters or hiring managers don't read further than the first few lines.

Therefore be critical, and ask yourself:

  • Is this really a good idea to include, or is it just a filler?
  • Does it help me, or does it confuse the reader?

You have to promise yourself that you keep very professional about it.