The Story About Jofibo

Our vision

To help all people in all professions create a standout resume, and a job application using a simple tool.

Mission statement

We're on a mission to simplify your career.

Everyone should have the right to create a professional customizable resume that stands out no matter what your background is.

We love simple things, and that's why here at Jofibo we are committed to serve as your go-to and easy-to-use resume builder.

Our mission is to help you get you the job you deserve. Not only do we assist you with your resume, we also offer very affordable premium benefits and free career advice to help you on your career path.

We relate to all those people around the world who see resume building or application writing as a complex, dull and difficult task. Unfortunately it’s a task you cannot avoid forever and not everybody has the imagination or skills to create a standout resume or job application from scratch. Although there are tools out there to help you, it seems like they are often so complex that it’s almost necessary with a degree in PhotoShop or InDesign just to understand the functionalities. That’s what we’re here to change.

We commit ourselves to serve the broad public, keeping our functionalities simple and quality premium benefits very affordable.

Our core values

Simplicity. Service. Trust.